Community meets to talk about school funding in Andover

Andover, Kansas– The future of school funding remains a mystery as lawmakers wait for the state Supreme Court to rule on whether funding should go up.  In Andover, a pair of economists came out to talk about the state’s budget outlook in front of a packed house at city hall. It’s an opportunity for Gina Miller, who is both a teacher and a parent, to be a part of the school budget discussion.

“The effect on the classroom that not a lot of people understand, we’ve had a significant cut in teachers in the different schools and that’s definitely a difference that I see in my classroom and I know when they have higher class numbers at the elementary level it makes a big difference,” Miller said.

The Andover Parent Legislative Council is looking for feedback from two experts on state finance. Duane Goossen served as the state budget director under three governors.

“Right now the state is spending more than its taking in as a result of the revenue changes that were put in place 2 years ago, in order for more money to go into school finance something will have to give at the state level.” )

Gov. Sam Brownback has been pushing for an all day kindergarten. But state lawmakers are hesitant to commit to funding it while still waiting on the Supreme Court’s decision regarding school funding.

Economists say as state revenues shrink and lawmakers wait for the Supreme Court to rule on school funding, it’s sessions like these that will help figure out how to best spend the state’s wealth. A decision from the Supreme Court that would likely decide the future of education spending was expected last month. Now, lawmakers say they expect an announcement any day.

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