Winter weather leads to slick roads and accidents

WICHITA, Kan. – The March Mess has made its way to the area and has led to numerous accidents on the roads.

Kansas Highway Patrol has reported that they’ve worked upwards of 25 accidents so far today.

Reno County Sheriff’s Office confirms at least six injury accidents and potentially one fatality because of the slick conditions.The Emergency Accident Reporting Plan (EARP) is in effect for Reno County.

Officials are also working on reports of rollover accidents along K-96 in Wichita. They urge people to be extra cautious on the roads and stay home if at all possible.

Drivers in Wichita have said the conditions haven’t been favorable.

“We went down Woodlawn and crossed through Eastborough and it was a little icy crossing through Eastborough because there wasn’t much traffic,” said Arlon Bible, a Wichita driver.

According to a statement released Saturday, city crews have been activated for a full response to the wintry precipitation. The city applied brine pre-treatment to primary, secondary and school routes beginning Tuesday. Because of that, the ice has been slower in developing on the roadways.

Since the precipitation that began today, crews have spread a salt/sand mix on emergency route intersections, hills, curves, bridges and freeways.

Even with the previous winter events Wichita has experienced, Tom Hein with KDOT says they won’t have a shortage of it.

“KDOT has a good supply of both salt and sand. We restocked since the last storm,” said Hein.

Traveling on city streets is expected to continue to be more challenging throughout the evening as the storm develops. Drivers are encouraged to limit their travel throughout the night and into the morning.

“You should have your car in good condition for this, the gas tank full and all that, have an emergency kit with you,” said Hein.

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Click to view the maps of the snow routes in Wichita.

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