Woman leaves baby in car while boozing

HULL, Massachusetts (NECN) – A Hull, Massachusetts mother was arrested Thursday after an off duty police officer called to report the woman had left a child alone in her car in a restaurant parking lot.

The woman was drinking at the bar in the morning hours with her child strapped into her car carrier at her feet. The bartender cut her off when she ordered a second drink, so she paid her bill and left.

“About 10 minutes later, she came back into the restaurant saying that she had dropped the child off and wanted to order another drink,” said Tom Hodgdon, one of the restaurant’s owners.

The baby was allegedly left alone in the car for 20 minutes while the mother attempted to order another drink. The child’s carrier was covered with a blanket, but the car was not on, with temperatures well below freezing.

“They took the keys from her, they unlocked the car, and found the infant was awake- didn’t appear to be injured or harmed in any way,” said Sgt. Steven Dearth.

The baby was brought to South Shore Hospital for precautionary reasons. DCF is investigating, but the baby is in the custody of family members at this time.

The mother was arraigned on charges of reckless endangerment of a child and disturbing the peace.

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