Sick child left at bus stop by school bus driver

FLORENCE, Kansas – A sick student was left at a bus stop by a bus driver early Tuesday in Florence.

Sheri Austin, 7-year-old Conner’s mother, tells KSN that she dropped him off at the stop and watched him get on the bus and then left to run errands.

Conner then got sick on the bus and the driver apparently told him to get off and walk home without informing the parents.

“Keep thinking to myself, we could not have found out he was missing, had somebody did get him. We wouldn’t have known until about 4 o’clock that evening because nobody contacted us or let us know anything,” said Sheri.

“The school district’s standpoint, we’re responsible for the students. We didn’t do as good a job as we expect ourselves to do, and we’re going to correct this and make sure we do a better job,” said Lee Leiker, Marion School District.

Conner’s older sister happened to be home. He was okay.

The district can’t say what action has been taken against the bus driver, but say he wasn’t fired.

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