KDOT crews preparing for storm

KDOT road preparations (KSN File Photo)
KDOT road preparations (KSN File Photo)

GREAT BEND, Kansas – Kansas Department of Transportation crews are also busy prepping to keep highways safe.

“Our crews are out now treating the roadways making sure we get a pre-treatment down to help loosen the bond after the storm,” said Brad Halseth, KDOT Road Maintenance Superintendent.

KDOT has been busy all day Friday preparing for the winter weather.

They have created a salt sand mixture and started brining the roads.

“All the personnel in our area will be on call. We have essentially 30 personnel in our area, and they will be on call and ready to work,” said Halseth.

Even with a full supply of salt and sand and plenty of brine, KDOT says there’s only so much they can do to fight Mother Nature.

They urge travelers to stay off the roads if they can.

“No matter how many people we have out there, the roads are going to get treacherous with all the snow and ice that is forecasted to come. You’ll be travelling essentially at your own risk. If you don’t have to go somewhere, you obviously need to stay home.”

Additional KDOT crews will be on-call to assist this weekend, if the conditions require it.

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