Students already gathering at Marshallville

WICHITA, Kansas — The Wichita State Shockers are hoping to get another win this Saturday. Some students are braving the cold and camping out to get front row seats in the student’s section.

We all might think these students are crazy for waiting out here in the cold but by taking a look inside one of the tents, it is apparent they are planning on staying warm. They are equipped with all the essentials as they hold down the fort in Marshallville until game time on Saturday.

For WSU senior Alex Pierpoint, this isn’t the first time he’s camped out before a Shockers basketball game.

“Last year I camped out for the Creighton game, camped out for the Indiana State game this year,” said Pierpoint.

But it is the first time he’s done it two days before a game. He says it’s in order to be first in line to get a prime time seat in the student section, a spot that was a lot easier to get just a couple months ago.

“At the beginning of the year, I could get to the game three hours before and I could get front row,” said Pierpoint.

Pierpoint and his fraternity brother Tyler Hockenberry set up shop at about noon today. Both have made the necessary preparations for the cold and bitter temperatures that are expected Thursday and Friday night.

“We have tents, sleeping bags, blankets, got our stereo, food, all the necessities,” said Hockenberry.

With both Pierpoint and Hockenberry camping out more than a day before game time, they both expect to be first in line come Saturday to get a seat to witness a continued dominance that college basketball fans across the country aren’t accustomed to.

“I’m excited for that, to say we went the entire regular season undefeated, that’s a major feat in college basketball,” said Hockenberry.

It’s expected that through tonight and tomorrow night, anywhere from 20 to 40 people could join these students in camping out and while that might seem like a long wait, they are certainly keeping themselves entertained and amped for the Saturday’s big game.

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