Pizza prank goes bad

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FARGO, North Dakota (KVLY) – Over the weekend, hundreds of pizzas made it out the doors of Domino’s Pizza in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. It’s a constant race to stay on top of the calls and get the pies out in a timely fashion.

“Some people don’t understand how much effort I put into going out there and trying to make a living and make people happy,” explains Gabrielle Fietzek, a delivery driver for Domino’s Pizza who attempted to deliver the pies.

Fortunately, the Domino’s Pizza has employees that care. Unfortunately, a prank has set this shop back nearly $300.

“$297 and some change,” says general manager JoAnn Robinette.

Twenty pizzas ordered to an ex-girlfriends house isn’t funny in the least according to local police.

“It’s not a victimless crime. There’s a lot of people who work hard at their job to make that food,” says Officer Nathan Lien of the Fergus Falls Police.

“Down to the nitty gritty. You break it down, it actually affects us in a ton of different ways,” adds Robinette.

Beyond just the $300, the general manager says that fake order put them back about an hour. It means other pizza’s arrived later than usual and that typically translates to a smaller tip. In the world of delivery drivers, that’s their bread and butter.

“She’s carrying four different bags. Running to her car with two and then another trip hustling to get the pizza’s there,” says Robinette.

So if you’re thinking about the perfect prank, involving messing with delivery drivers who had nothing to do with your own personal beef. Keep this in mind.

“You know I go out on the road and put myself out there to deliver these pizzas and make a living. People joke around about this. It’s not fun. All I want out there is respect,” says Fietzek.

A police report has already been filed for the man who made the prank call.

“Technically, what he did was theft. He just stole money from two different companies,” says Robinette.

And the cops agree.

“It’s theft,” says Officer Lien.

So be kind to your delivery drivers. They don’t need to deal with all the extras, that some folks pile on.

“It was a major burn,” says Robinette.

Dominos Pizza told us they made good use of the extra pies though and brought them to the police, fire department, and local ambulance service in town.

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