Local churches excited for “Son of God” film

WICHITA, Kansas – Local church pastors like Marty Freeman at Word of Life Church in north Wichita are excited about Friday’s release of the film “Son of God”.

“What an opportunity to invite someone who maybe isn’t a believer, who’s struggling in their faith or in their walk, and to be reminded of how much Christ loves us, to be reminded of the price that He paid,” Freeman said.

The movie is receiving considerable vocal support from nationally-renowned ministers like Rick Warren and Joel Osteen. Churches across the country are scheduling private screenings, renting out entire theaters, and distributing thousands of donated tickets to churchgoers.

Here in Wichita, the expected poor weather this weekend could impact the number of group screenings to see the film. Warren Theatres is dedicating two screens at both their west and east Wichita locations, which is normal for a new release, according to Dan Gray, a representative for the movie chain.

Freeman says “Son of God” has already managed a considerable feat.

“For it to get into the mainstream media and this big of a platform is a big reason why I hope every pastor in every local church and other churches in Wichita and around the country really get behind it, encourage people to go to it and support it because we’re supporting the message,” he said.

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