Back on her feet

(KCEN) “Give up” are two words that are not a part of Liz Mitchell’s vocabulary.

When doctors told her she would never walk again, she said “you’re wrong.”

Her story began with a tragic fall.

“It was a Thursday,” Liz recalled. “August 16, 2012.”

When Liz came home that night, as always, her dog Roxy was there anxiously ready to greet her.

“I squatted down to pick her up and she just kind of nipped at my nose, a little love nip. And I leaned back and rolled right off the balcony and fell 16 feet.”

Liz landed on top of her head, and the impact shattered the vertebrae in her neck.

“Once I was in the back of the ambulance they had asked me to move my feet and I could not move my feet,” Liz said.

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