TMP Fieldhouse back up to fire code

TMP Fieldhouse (KSN Photo)

HAYS, Kansas – Early in November, the state fire marshal gave Thomas More Prep-Marian a shock when he decided the building wasn’t up to code, and that they couldn’t hold any basketball games there.

“I think everybody is anxious to get into this building,” said Jeff Brull. “Obviously, we’re still using it daily for PE classes, and to be able to open it back up to the public again, it’ll be a huge win.”

In the past four months since the capacity of Al Billinger Fieldhouse was reduced to 49 people, a lot of changes have been made to the building including a big fire exit that goes straight from the gym floor to outside

“We got a lot of help from Commercial Builders, which is the local contractor,” said Brull. “They understood the urgency of this situation, and they really jumped on it quickly and as soon as they had blueprints, they started moving.”

Not only is the building being brought up to code, improvements have also been made, especially in the wrestling room and the school is glad they had the reserve funds put away to pay for it.

“We appreciate everybody’s support, because it hasn’t been an easy situation for everybody, or anybody but everybody’s really pulled together, and made it where we’ve done everything we need to do in the time we need to do it,” added Brull.

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