Some WSU students look to cash in on Shockers tickets

WICHITA, Kansas– Success is driving up the cost to a Shocker game and some students are cashing in by selling their tickets online.

WSU Senior Kenton Elworth missed out on getting a ticket to the final Shocker’s men’s basketball home game.

“I came about two hours after they released them,” he said.

The psychology major says the entire campus has Shockers basketball on the mind.

“It’s nuts. I’ve never seen it this crazy,” Elworth said.

Some of the tickets to the final home game are being sold in the range of hundreds of dollars. Students are turning to sites like Craigslist to sell their student section tickets.

“Now that we’re 30-0 it’s the last game of the season I’ve seen all the way upwards of $200 and I just don’t got that kind of money,” Elworth said.

Student section seats are free to students who pick up tickets before each game. Several students are realizing these seats are a hot commodity but buyer beware;  because if you buy a ticket and aren’t a student be prepared to forfeit your seat.

“There are times when those tickets end up being scalped at above face value. Our policy is those tickets very clearly have student ticket printed on them. If you don’t have a valid student identification you should come to the arena with some concern that day,” said WSU Senior Assistant Athletic Director Darron Boatright.

It’s perfectly fine for a student to sell their ticket to another student, for whatever price they’re willing to pay.

“I’d be willing to show up and pay maybe 40 or 50 bucks just to be there, it’s a big day. It’s history,” said Elworth.

But in this moment in history, the price to witness it is just too high for students like Elworth.

“It’s frustrating I feel like a lot of it is kind of some bandwagoning going on, which is good for the school it’s good for us but it frustrating as a true fan who’s been here all my life not being able to go to that last game,” he said.

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