House unanimously passes Safe Haven bill

TOPEKA, Kansas – The Kansas House has unanimously passed a bill that would change the Safe Haven law to keep the identity of a woman who gives up a baby safe and private.

Representative Jan Pauls introduced House Bill 2577 earlier this month.

Pauls introduced the bill after seeing KSN coverage of a woman being outed after leaving her newborn at a Wichita hospital.

KSN ran numerous stories looking into why the hospital gave information to the police and why police asked the media to share the photo of the woman who left the hospital without her child.

“We don’t want to discourage one woman. It is usually the mother that gives the baby up. We don’t want to discourage one woman for saving the baby by turning the baby in for safety,” said Rep. Jan Pauls.  “I hope it will save lots more babies, and I think, indeed, KSN has our backs on this,”

The bill now moves to the Senate, but there is no timetable for a vote.

“There is some interest in the Senate for supporting it. People from Wichita are very behind the bill. I think it will do just fine in the Senate,” added Pauls.


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