“Homeless Jesus” Ignites Controversy

(WCNC) — A sculpture of Jesus as a homeless man installed outside a church in Davidson, North Carolian has neighbors and church leaders debating its message and appropriateness.

From a distance, especially at dusk, you would swear the sculpture is a real-life homeless man sleeping on a bench in front of the church.

Cindy Castano Swannack called police the first time she drove by it.

“I was concerned for the safety of the neighborhood,” she said.

A closer look reveals it is bronze, not flesh and bone.

“It’s Jesus representing the most marginalized of society,” said Rev. Doctor David E. Buck, the rector at St. Alban’s.

“I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want this” said Buck.

Swannack says it’s an inappropriate message and wrong for the neighborhood. She wishes it showed Jesus standing over the homeless protecting them.

“Jesus is not a vagrant, Jesus is not a helpless person who needs our help,” she said, “We need someone who is capable of meeting our needs, not someone who is also needy.”

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