Garden City businesses sell alcohol to minors

GARDEN CITY, Kansas — Keeping alcohol out of underage hands was the focus of a sting operation with the Garden City Police Department and the ABC.

They checked in on 53 local businesses by sending in underage customers.  Ten of the businesses’ employees were cited for furnishing alcohol to a minor.

“Just card them,” said Emilio Blanco a manager at Las Margaritas.  “If they don’t have their ID and they look old just don’t give them alcohol.”

Samy’s is a popular place here in Garden City, and they were in compliance with the law carding those underage drinkers who came in as a test.  Manager Austin Dowell said they’re always very careful when it comes to selling alcohol.  Each employee is trained to ask anyone who looks under the age of 30 or 35.

“That is up to each business, they tell their employees usually to use common sense,” said Officer Troy Davis with the Garden City Police Department.  “It is important that the business and owners and managers provide training to the clerks.”

Some of the restaurants, bars, and liquor stores involved in the sting said it isn’t uncommon for underage kids to come in trying to get alcohol, but the Garden City Police worry about other places too.

“As far as other people furnishing either this house, this residence, or this person is providing alcohol to a minor… we’re going to look into those situations as they come up,” said Davis.

“You know we don’t want to have a minor drinking and we don’t want to lose our license,” said Blanco.

The Garden City Police will work with the ten businesses that sold to minors to help prevent the issue in the future.

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