Gail Finney speaking about spanking bill criticism

WICHITA, Kansas – Nearly two weeks after the bill was introduced, Representative Gail Finney is speaking to KSN about the criticism that’s reached national proportions.

The bill would have allowed harder spanking of a child up to ten times and hard enough to cause bruises.

The national criticism has come from the Daily Show with John Stewart, to the LA Times and many more.

When KSN first ran the story on February 18, we tried to talk to Finney in Topeka about why she introduced the bill.

She told us she was too busy to comment but directed us to her website for a statement.

After calling and emailing more than a dozen times, Finney returned our call last night to talk about that criticism.

KSN wanted to know how she is reacting to all the national attention.

She says the bill was designed to help protect parents in custodial cases who are wrongly accused of abuse.

But even then, she knew there would be some reaction to the bill.

“I kinda was surprised and not surprised, because the way the story was originally pitched by another television station it made it so salacious. I mean just the way it promoted, it was inaccurate and unfortunately gave out a lot of misinformation,” said Finney. “And you know the part that just really amazes me is the number of people who have never really taken the time to even actually read the bill.”

If you would like to read the full bill that has now died in committee, click here.


Kansas House Bill 2699

Proposed Kansas bill would allow stronger spanking to discipline

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