Sochi strays at home in the states

ST LOUIS, Missouri (KSDK) – The St. Louis Blues left for Vancouver Monday night. Those who represented Team USA were in St. Louis for not much more than 12 hours before taking off again.

But for David Backes, that was long enough to drop off two strays he rescued from Sochi.

Backes and his wife named them Sochi Junior and Sochi Jake after they kept showing up to the Olympic Village.

When the games were over, the couple and active animal advocates couldn’t bear to leave them. So they jumped through hoops to get paperwork, allowing them to bring them back to the U.S.

“These two lives aren’t going to make a huge impact on the stray population of Sochi, we’re well aware of that. But, the stories they can tell and the examples they can set for people is something that will be exponentially multiplied,” said Backes.

The dogs will be in containment for 30 days at the Five Acres Animal Shelter in St. Charles, then they’ll go up for adoption.

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