New push to make landscaping more drought tolerant

HAYS, Kansas – Xeriscaping is becoming more popular in central and western Kansas.

“I think that with the drought in recent years, it’s certainly become a hotter topic.”

Xeriscaping is a way to keep yards looking good while conserving water in places that are dealing with severe drought.

It’s a method some Hays residents are embracing.

“Yeah, I think the very best part is that it is very hearty, it takes less water to keep it looking beautiful, and it can survive with very little water, and when it rains or we have available water, buffalo grass makes a beautiful velvety kind of lawn, and we appreciate that it will be there the next season, it won’t die off if it gets hot and dry,” said Linda Beech, Hays Xeriscaper.

“It certainly doesn’t have to be cactus or gravel or yucca or any of those things, it can be a very lush beautiful landscape,” said Holly Dickman, KSU Horticulture Extension Agent.

The city of Hays is making some changes to their landscapes to make them more drought friendly.

“They’re starting to put in some nice Xeriscaped yards and landscapes,” added Dickman. “One of those is in front of city hall here where they’ve eliminated the turf and put in some nice drought tolerant perennials and shrubs, and completely mulched the area so it is an area that will be a nice example for citizens to look at.”

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