Controversial ‘Jeopardy’ contestant back today

HOLLYWOOD, California – He’s been blasted by Jeopardy purists for his unconventional winning strategy, dubbed a “mad genius” and “villain” on social media, and he is currently the quiz show’s reigning champion.

Arthur Chu is Jeopardy’s polarizing 30-year-old insurance analyst.

He’s playing for more cash and to defend his five-game winning streak.

Many feel Chu is gaming the system.

“It’s a wise champion who knows which categories are good for him and that applies to Arthur Chu,” said Alex Trebek, Jeopardy host.

Breaking from the typical game-playing strategy of going through one category from top to bottom, chu jumps all over the board, throwing his opponents off with his unpredictability and upping his chances of finding the prized daily doubles early on.

His tactics drew heated backlash on social media.

Chu says his strategy is fair game, and he’s simply in it to win it.

“You realize we’re playing for actually money, right? Like, a lot of money,” said Chu.

You can see Jeopardy starting at 4:30 p.m. on KSN.


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