Rural medicine loses dedicated doctor

Dr. Randall Fahrenholtz, Courtesy Greeley County Hospital

TRIBUNE, Kansas – Dr. Randall Fahrenholtz died when his plane went down in a field outside of Tribune on Saturday.  He had a large impact on the community and his coworkers say he represented what a doctor in rural medicine should be.

“It’s very personal, and both rewarding and difficult at times, and he served this community well,” said CEO of Greeley County Health Services Henry Garvin.

“He truly cared for other people and I think his patients really appreciated that and the people in the community and they will miss him,” said Katy Reynolds, the HR Director at GCHS.

In a small town like Tribune finding dedicated doctors isn’t easy.

“We don’t have a lot of providers or physicians here or that want to come here, so it’s very impressive what Dr. Fahrenholtz gave to the community,” said Garvin, “and that he wanted to come here and practice rural medicine.”

The 18 bed frontier hospital serves Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado.  Dr. Fahrenholtz leaves behind one other primary care physician and one part-time doctor.

During his time in Tribune the doctor flew to partner clinics to help other rural areas.  He was known for being a thoughtful and cautious man and pilot.

While his loved ones and community have been rocked by his untimely death his friends at the hospital want his hard work to live on.

“He had a real passion for teaching, and rural medicine in general, and has impacted medical students over the years,” said Chrysanne Grund, Project Director at GCHS.  “We really want to celebrate his passion for teaching and education too.”

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