BTK album not real

WICHITA, Kansas – The Riverside Boys record was signed by a Dennis Rader, but KSN has found out that this was not BTK.

The company auctioning off the record says they were in the process of authenticating it when they posted to their Facebook page that it was signed by BTK.

Although a very interesting find, Rader’s family members say he was never a part of a christian band or any band.

KSN spoke to the company about their decision to post the item as they did without checking its authenticity first.

“This was actually one of the first times we had done that and yeah, probably jumped the gun on that a little bit, It was an interesting find,” said Troy Watts, Little Bull Auction and Sales.

The company says they do not plan on taking the Facebook post down but will comment that it isn’t BTK memorabilia.

The record will be sold as part of a record collections.

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