56 years of guilt put to rest

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma (KFOR) – Have you ever felt guilty about something you’ve done in the past and wished you could go back and make it right?

One former Oklahoma student is trying to do just that.

On Friday afternoon the principal at Clegern Elementary in Edmond shared an amazing anonymous letter with her students during an assembly.

It reads in part: “I have recently returned to church after a 25-year absence. One of the many things I asked God’s forgiveness for was this: stealing a carton of chocolate milk when I was in grade school there in 1958. I’m the oldest of six children and we didn’t have a dime to send with me to school.”

Enclosed with the letter a 100 dollar bill.

And it’s timely too.

It just so happens the kids are learning more about honesty, trustworthiness and integrity.

The anonymous Clegern alum wants the money to be used for a student or student’s family who needs a little financial help or go towards a project important to the students.

Principal Cowden-Draper says the students will decide what to do with the $100 dollars.

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