Wounded warriors get the chance to go hunting

GREAT BEND, Kansas — They proudly served their country and now some wounded warriors are getting a weekend getaway to go hunting.

As a way to say thanks for their service, the Pheasants Forever club in Great Bend are hosting a special hunt for ten wounded warriors.

“I think one thing they appreciated was the ability to go to the field and do something new and have a weekend to hunt, but you know just that weekend to get with and meet other soldiers and spend some time together,” said Lynn Peterson, Pheasant’s Forever club member.

From meals to a place to stay, to the hunting, all the costs are covered for the troops.

“A lot of these guys because of their injuries and various situations, you know, this is something financially that they just wouldn’t be able to do,” said Peterson.

Because the pheasant population is down, the soldiers are participating in a controlled shoot. The pheasants are kept in a shed and will be released later during the hunt.

“A lot of times, living in rural America we forget the things that we take for granted, you know, that a lot of people don’t get to experience so it was kind of that quiet weekend on the farm so to speak that a lot of us have grown up with but not a lot of people get to experience I guess,” said Peterson.

The Pheasants Forever club knows that even though about half of the soldiers coming this weekend haven’t hunted before, their military training will give them an edge.

“It was brand new, you know all of them had some type of training but you know there was about half that haven’t really hunted or done anything like that so it was very exciting, and he was definitely a good shot,” said Peterson.

For more information on the Wounded Warrior Program, click on the following link.

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