Wolf stays on topic of Roberts’s residency

WICHITA, Kansas — There is still more than 5 months to go until Kansans go to the polls in the primary election but Sen. Pat Roberts and his primary challenger, Dr. Milton Wolf are already trading blows on the airwaves.

The primary isn’t until August 5th but after questions about Senator Roberts’s residency, Wolf has gone on the offensive to keep him from a 4th term, releasing an ad making light of where Roberts calls home.

“I find it personally offensive. I am a Kansan. I’m a fourth generation Kansan. My great grandfathers came here and fought for this state to be a free state and I’m still fighting as a marine, a senior marine in Congress to make government a partner and not an adversary,” said Senator Pat Roberts.

Roberts is battling back saying he is the better choice for conservatives, releasing an ad questioning Wolf’s outside campaign support.

“Pat Roberts is such a creature of Washington, after being there for 47 years, that he can’t even tell us how often he comes back to Kansas,” said Wolf.

All things considered, it’s an uphill battle for Wolf. According to the latest election filings, Wolf has almost $180,000, including loaning himself $30,000, compared to more than $2.2 million in the war chest for Roberts. That means for every dollar Wolf has, Roberts has $12.54. Wolf says that shows how Roberts has become a creature of Washington.

“I think if Pat Roberts has stayed in touch with Kansas, he wouldn’t govern this way,” said Wolf.

Roberts responded by saying, “The New York Times and my opponent are not going to define me as to whether or not I’m a Kansan.”

It’s important to note that Wolf’s campaign money comes from the last three months of last year since he entered the race in October while Roberts has had years to raise money for the campaign.

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