War veteran, service dog refused service

HOUSTON, Texas (KPRC) – A Marine Corps veteran is feeling embarrassed and angry after he says he was denied service at a Channelview, Texas bar and restaurant because of his service dog, Truman.

Don Brown, a veteran of the Gulf War, was medically discharged after being diagnosed with PTSD. For the past eight months, the Spring man has had his service dog, Truman, to help him cope with everyday life.

“For a long time I avoided going out in public,” said Brown. “I was kind of a shut-in. He’s allowed me to get back out and start enjoying life.”

But Brown says he was turned away from the River Side Inn Marina in Channelview Wednesday when he tried to grab a burger with his best friend and Truman by his side. He says he told the waitress that Truman was a service dog, but she went to talk to her manager.

“This guy comes out from the back, from across the bar, very loudly calls out, ‘can you see?'” said Brown.

Brown believes the manager didn’t think Truman was a certified service dog. Brown says the manager asked him to leave because of an “attitude problem.”

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