Restaurants and businesses suffer from power outage

Power outages
Westar Energy crews work on a power line. (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas — While some businesses were able to get back up and running quickly after the power outage that lasted several hours this morning, others weren’t so lucky and that left owners and customers frustrated about the situation.

“Can’t use no cards, can’t get no gas, our stuff at our house is.. Our refrigerator is out so some of our food might go bad, can’t really do anything right now,” said Trina Wiegand, a Wichita resident.

That was the case for at least four hours for more than 7,000 customers, including businesses, up and down broadway.

“We’re losing the business, lot of business if they understand, nobody can take the gas, nobody buy anything,” said Mahammad Rehman, KC Gas & Groceries.

But while the problems at gas stations were relatively shortlived, other businesses had more at stake. With many restaurants out of power for the day, the problems became less about being able to accept money and more about the safety of the foods they serve.

For some of the businesses that have to prepare food in advance, time limits were set to determine when they would need to close their doors for the day.

While owners at Kimlan Banh Mi could prep their food for the day on gas stoves, the power outage presented other issues, especially for food storage.

“Unsafe for all of the foods that we have, that we prepared for, ready for lunch… but we cannot do anything because we don’t have power,” said Minh Ta, at Kimlan Banh Mi.

Power wasn’t restored until after noon for most of the affected area.

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