Wichita State tickets scarce and costly


WICHITA, Kansas — All this winning has thrust the Shockers into the national spotlight but could that be a curse?

They are again on the regional cover of Sports Illustrated with a title of “Go Ahead, Try To Jinx Us”. The Shockers look to buck the trend of teams that are on the cover losing soon after.

Right now the only losers are the Shockers opponents and fans trying to get seats to the few home games left.

“I don’t think it’s right. If we were losing they wouldn’t be there,” said Shocker fan Darlynn Hagen.

Wichita State has just two home games remaining and that final game is seeing tickets going for in some cases more than $500.

The reason, it’s simple supply and demand. The box office on campus sold out of tickets more than a month and a half ago. That’s why people are turning to sites like Craigslist and StubHub to buy or sell tickets.

“I think supply and demand works. I don’t have a problem with it,” said Rick Schroer, another Shocker fan.

Tickets range in prices from 130 to about $600. Those tickets normally run between $20-$60. That’s a minimum mark up of four times the face value.

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