Reaction to new standardized teaching plan

If you have a child in public school, you’ve likely heard the phrase “Common Core Standards”. It’s a new effort to standardize teaching across the country but it’s leaving some parents with questions.

It’s a new philosophy for teaching kids in the classroom and now Kansas is one of 45 states that have adopted the Common Core State Standards.

Still not everyone is in support of the plan.

“Making it harder is going to make it harder for the kids,” said Brittany Taylor.

The standards are more difficult and are focused on math, reading and writing. Proponents to the plan are hoping it will push kids to think more critically.

“So it’s harder in that we expect kids to understand not just how to do a math problem but also to understand why they did what they did to solve that math problem,” said John Popp, Director of Curriculum.

Popp thinks the program will help better prepare kids for college and professional life but the hardest part on implementing the common core will be pushing kids into more rigorous standards.

Critics have said the standards push teachers to teach to the test, keeping them from working creatively.

“That’s the immediate struggle we’re feeling now, is how we get kids to meet this new level of rigor that they haven’t had to face before, but the end result is going to be worth it. The end result is we’re going to have kids more prepared and more ready for college and more ready to go out into the workforce face problems and think critically,” said Popp.

While not all are in support of the Common Core, others say the challenge is part of the benefit.

“Yeah I think the Common Core will help my daughter with the thought process of what’s going on today and what the kids need to be learning today and moving on into college,” said Crystal Boxberger, the mother of a 5th grader.

“I think it’s great to push them and get the most out of them.”

To learn more about the Common Core Program, follow this link.

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