Kellogg and Webb construction on hold

WICHITA, Kansas — A major construction project in one of Wichita’s busiest intersection is now on hold. There was one bid for the Kellogg and Webb project but it came in over the city’s 100 million dollar budget so now it’s back to the drawing board.

The city will reenter into the bidding process in May, meaning the start date for construction for now will be pushed back at least five months. That’s something the city says they wanted to avoid considering the project is estimated to take five years to complete

When it came time to open the bidding process for the Kellogg-Webb interchange construction project in January, the interest was minimal.

Only the one bid came in and it was over the budget for the project to turn the interchange into a six lane freeway.

“Right now we can probably take about 10 million dollars off of what the bid was,” said City of Wichita engineer, Gary Janzen.

Janzen says they won’t make any major reconfigurations to the original design plan but may cut back on some of the extras.

“We’ve taken a look at some of the aesthetic elements, not to cut everything out, but maybe make some changes there,” said Janzen.

That includes finding a cost efficient way to build the retaining walls for the project. With the start date of the project pushed back, that means delaying the inevitable for businesses and home owners in the area.

“There are going to be some inconveniences, we do everything we can during the course of design and working with those property owners to try to minimize that inconvenience,” said Janzen.

Janzen says they are having to work quickly to make the cuts in cost. They plan on reopening the bidding process at the beginning of May, meaning final changes on the project have to be done by the first week of April.

He also says he expects they will get the bid this time around and look to start construction on the project the early part of this summer.

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