Amber Alert Reaches Garden City

GARDEN CITY, Kansas — Some Kansans were hundreds of miles away from Springfield Missouri, where Hailey Owens was abducted, but they still got the message and were on alert.

Residents who were on the lookout did their best to respond to the Tuesday Amber Alert.

“A tip was called into garden city of a vehicle that may have matched the description,” said Finney County Sheriff Kevin Bascue.

Police and Sheriff’s Officers do their best to follow up on every lead, to ensure that the public can do its part to help keep an eye out.

Garden City Police determined the truck sited on Kansas Avenue in Garden City was not related to the abduction, but police say help from the community is essential in abduction cases and the reason behind Amber Alerts.

“Everybody, as quick as possible can be on the alert and try to find the victim as soon as possible,” said Bascue.

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