City crews begin cleaning up sand on streets

Wichita city streets are covered in sand after the recent snow storm.

WICHITA, Kansas – With the roads cleared and easy to drive again, the city has a new issue to handle, excess sand on the roads

“Our operators started on Monday with an overnight cleaning cycle, we’re taking our street sweepers and picking up the roughly 7,000 tons of sand that were applied during the past two weeks of the winter storm events,” said Ben Nelson, Wichita Public Works.

Officials say the clean up will take weeks, but won’t cost any extra money since it was already included in the budget.

But with so much being used, they’re doing what they can to make sure the sand isn’t wasted.

“Our hope, with the sand that we collect, knowing that we put so much of it down, is that we’re gonna try to reuse it in the future.”

But in the short term, many people have other concerns of how the sand will affect their cars.

While some of the most noticeable issues deal with the paint, another problem is cracks in the windshield.

“If you can catch a star, prior to it growing, you can most of the time drill it and stop it, but after it proceeds maybe an inch, you can’t do anything about it, it just has to be a windshield replacement,” said Russell Yost, Yost Auto Service.

But Yost says if you’re worried about driving your car in the sand, there’s an easy way to keep things running well.

“The best thing to do to your car in winter weather is to keep it clean.”

Officials say if the sand is clean enough after they’ve sifted through it all, it could be used for the next winter storm.


Wichita Snow Routes


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