Senator Roberts faces questions about home

Congress Farm Bill - Pat Roberts
FILE: Sen. Pat Roberts (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

DODGE CITY, Kansas – Senator Pat Roberts spends a lot of time in his DC area house, but he still calls Dodge City home.

Now with tea party opponent, Milton Wolf at his heels and a New York Times article claiming he isn’t concerned about his roots, Roberts has had to speak up about where exactly his loyal ties lie.

“Well, the New York Times does not define whether Pat Roberts is a Kansan or not.”

Roberts rents out his own home in Dodge City, and more recently has rented a room from two of his supporters.

Even though Roberts is not at home the majority of the time, it doesn’t seem to bother a lot of people around town.”

“He’s very attentive to the needs of the people in not only southwest Kansas, his home here in Dodge City, but I think throughout the entire state,” said Dan Schenkain, Dodge City Chamber of Commerce CEO.

“Back in the days, when we didn’t have the technology and the communication equipment and so on, it might have been a different matter,” said Ken Strobel, Dodge City attorney.

But Wolf says Roberts has simply gotten caught up in the capitol.

“Look, Senator Roberts has left Kansas behind a long time ago, and sadly, he’s left our Kansas values behind,” said Wolf.

The senator disagrees.

“It’s a balance. You want to come home as much as you can, but it’s a little tough to get to Dodge. We love Dodge City. We own a home here. I pay taxes here. I vote here.”

Regardless of political opinion, you can find him on the voter registrar, and in the state of Kansas that makes him eligible to run for office.


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