Kansas lawmaker will introduce Safe Haven bill

Baby Safe Haven (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – It is a story KSN has been following for a month about the anonymity of women who use the Safe Haven law.

On Tuesday, a Kansas lawmaker will introduce a bill that will change the law that protects the identities of those parents.

Rep. Jan Pauls watched KSN’s stories about a mother whose face was plastered across television, the web and newspapers after she abandoned her baby at a hospital.

“It’s just very important for parents, who are in this crisis situation, trying to make this life-changing decision,” said Rep. Jan Pauls.

In our reports, KSN asked the tough questions about why the mother’s photo was released.

Now, the lawmaker isn’t the only one getting involved, the United Way of Kansas and Wichita are reaching out to support the new legislation.

They say an anonymity clause should be passed into law.

“So having that anonymous nature might help them come forward quicker, and again that means the safety of the child. That should be job priority one,” said Pat Hanrahan, President, United Way of the Plains.

Some in Topeka say after seeing one of the stories on KSN, they heard from an adoption attorney in Boston, who had concerns about the Kansas Safe Haven law.

“They were worried that if this happened, then people would not be releasing and not giving their children up for fear of having their photo up where they could get tracked down,” said Pauls.

Pauls goes on to say many others are now motivated to see the change in the law, and she thinks it has a good chance of making it out of committee.


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