Family welcomes 15th child

ATLANTA, Georgia (WXIA) – A Georgia family welcomed their 15th child this weekend.

LaChelle Adkins of McDonough gave birth to her 13th child on Sunday. Hope Monique is the youngest of the group, which include two other children previously fathered by husband Jerome.

“It sounds like a big number, but it just doesn’t seem like it,” said LaChelle Adkins. “When they’re all around, each of them has their own personality.”

Jerome Adkins said, “I read the Bible, and it said be fruitful and multiply. I closed the Bible up and said, ‘We serve a good God.'”

With 15 kids, the Adkins family is large enough to have their own reality show. LaChelle Adkins said that’s a possibility.

“We actually had talked with DiscoveryStudios, and because they have big families right now, they said they’re not pursuing anything,” said LaChelle Adkins. “But I think the whole concept that we have that we want to do is a little bit different.”

LaChelle says she would like her family featured on a TV show that teaches parentswhat she’s learned as a mother of 15. Her oldest daughter, 21-year-old Taylor, says helping her mom care for her unusually large number of brothers and sisters inspired her to pursue a career as a medical doctor, possibly an OB/GYN. But in the future, how many kids does she want to have?

“Like two, maybe one,” Taylor said.

The mother and father won’t rule out the possibility of having more children. In the meantime, they are expecting their first grandchild this summer.

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