Cold weather hard on stray cats

FARGO, North Dakota (KVLY) – The cold weather is a constant battle for stray and feral animals in North Dakota.

A local animal shelter says this winter has been particularly brutal for cats in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

Polar the cat inherited his name after being left out in the cold for too long.

A local woman found him in her garage.

His ears, and all four paws were frozen, and the question was, is he going to make it?

“We were sitting in the middle of surgery, and we had to make the decision in a split second whether or not we were going to try with him,” she explains, “But he had such a great spirit, and he had a will to live, that unlike anything I had ever seen before there was something about his personality that said you know, I can do this!”

Doctors amputated some toes, and just weeks after, he’s able to walk on all fours. He’s like many others in the shelter, missing ears, tails, and paw pads.

“If you are cold, they are cold, they can do okay in 50 or 60 degree weather with a fur coat,” says Gail, “And stay warm, but when it gets to be 40 below wind chill it does not take long, only a few seconds for frostbite to occur.”

Saving these cats from the cold eats into Cats Cradle’s budget, but seeing these survivors makes it all worth it.

“Usually we try to do fundraiser for things like that for extra medical care, so we try to cover it that way,” says Gail, “We also have a 12 by 12 program where people can donate specifically for medical needs.”

Cat’s like Polar and Avalanche earned their names like a battle scar, making it through the harsh winter, and are waiting to be adopted.

If you find a stray cat it’s best to bring them into a shelter. But, the city of Fargo does have a Trap-Neuter Release program. Those animals will live outside, and you can do more to help this critters out. Feeding them, bringing them water, or building them a place to sleep will help in the winter. On the Cats Cradle website there is more information.

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