Radio station murder suspect’s ex-girlfriend speaks out

Steckline murder suspect's ex speaks out

WICHITA, Kansas – Nearly a week after the murder at Steckline Communications, KSN spoke to the woman who thinks she was the real target.

25-year-old Daniel Flores died after he was attacked at work Feb. 9. Police say the suspect is still in the hospital under guard until he can be brought in on felony murder charges.

The woman who believes she was the real target is the suspect’s ex-girlfriend and is shocked to hear that the man that she loved could have been planning to hurt her.

It has been a long week getting back in the swing of things for Lisa Bryce.

“I knew what they were telling me and I know what my gut told me but I just couldn’t believe what I was feeling,” said Bryce.

She is the office manager at Steckline Communications and has connections to the victim, Flores, and the main suspect, her ex-boyfriend.

“Everytime I close my eyes and try to sleep, I see it and I haven’t even been down there. I mean it’s cleaned up now, it totally looks different but, yeah, I can only imagine,” said Bryce about the basement where Flores was found.

Flores died from blunt force trauma and was found by co-workers in the morning following the attack.

When Bryce’s co-workers saw her they were shaken up.

“He said, Lisa you need protection and I knew then what this was coming from,” said Bryce.

While police don’t know the suspect’s motive, they are sure of one thing.

“He knows someone that works at the station. We believe it had to do with the individual that worked at the station,” said Lt. Todd Ojile with the Wichita Police Department.

Bryce believes that she may have been the person he was trying to reach instead. She says there was a package left for her, possibly to try and rekindle their relationship.

“The only thing I couldn’t get was why a death, I got the other, I just didn’t understand the death because that’s not something he ever talked about and the nature and the person that I knew never would have thought in a million years he would have done it,” said Bryce.

The suspect in the case is still under police guard in the hospital after he took a knife to his own stomach when they tried to arrest him earlier this week.

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