Propane prices still high but slowly dropping

Propane Prices - File Photo

WICHITA, Kansas — Propane prices across the country are still high but there is a bit of a relief Friday.

Federal regulators say residential propane prices have fallen. The average price has fallen about $0.24 a gallon in the last two weeks but if the temperatures drop again across much of the country, the price could go back up.

Kansas resident, Harold Burtnett, is one of many that has been shocked at the price of propane this winter. He says he knew the market price had been fluctuating but he didn’t know that it was going to cost him more than what he could afford.

$1,102.43 for 271.5 gallons.

That was the astonishing amount Burtnett was being charged for propane when he received his February statement from Ferrell Gas.

“I’ve heard propane going up and everything goes up but I did not think propane would go up almost doubling my bill,” said Burtnett.

For weeks, Burtnett tried calling the propane gas company over a dozen times for answers about his bill and because his tank had been running low.

“My tank is down to between 30-40%. Who do I get propane from if I can’t get a hold of them?” said Burtnett.

KSN called Ferrell Gas asking about Burtnett’s account and was told by phone that he wasn’t the only customer having the same concerns.

“The cold weather leads to more usage by customers, leads to more calls so our call volume has been at a record high,” said a spokesperson for Ferrell Gas.

Ferrell Gas also told KSN they want to thank customers for their business and for their ongoing patience saying that they are doing everything they can to quickly respond to the high number of calls.

“Due to the extreme cold temperatures we’re busier as we’ve ever been,” said Ferrell Gas.

Another thing to consider is that if your family depends on propane during the winter months, there are a number of different state programs to help families pay for the rising cost.

Applications can be downloaded by following this link. The applications can be emailed to or delivered directly to the nearest Department for Children and Families service center.

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