Police investigating after two dogs found in a dumpster

WICHITA, Kansas – Wichita police are investigating after two pet carriers with two dogs were found abandoned in a trash dumpster.

The dogs were found in the 1300 block East Galena Thursday morning by a woman working at the Bread of Life.

A woman who volunteers was checking to see if additional trash would fit into the dumpster.

That’s when something growled at her.

She went back inside and told another volunteer.

“As I opened the lid, I saw a dog. It was kind of a small to medium sized dog, little white glaze on its face, shaking, shivering. One of the guys that volunteers also came out, I had him go back in to get something to feed to the dog,” said Phillis Allen, Bread of Life.

Phillis Allen, Bread of Life volunteer
Phillis Allen, Bread of Life volunteer

Phillis says the dog was friendly and took the food right away.

“She was hungry, and she was very thin. As I felt her, I could feel her ribs. She allowed me to pet her. I kept talking to her. We spent some time with her.”

Phillis says they called animal control who discovered another dog inside the dumpster.

“When he got here, it wasn’t just one dog, it was two. A medium sized dog and a small chihuahua dog, black.  A really cute dog, I thought at first, it was dead. It did move and turned its face around, black with little brown spots on its face. It broke my heart.”

One dog is being treated by a veterinarian.  The other is at Wichita Animal Control.

Police are not sure who put the dogs there.

“We obviously are concerned about the fact that they were there, and we have very limited information,” said Lt. Doug Nolte, Wichita Police Department.

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