FHSU students giving free tax help

HAYS, Kansas — Most people don’t associate good will with taxes but that’s exactly what is happening in Hays.

Everyone does taxes and right now some advanced accounting students at Fort Hays State University are helping people get them done for free.

“It’s a good thing, people have to pay taxes, or get refunds,” said Kendra Madron, an FHSU senior.

The program started thirteen years ago and helps both the students and community members.

“The students get that little bit of confidence from you know they work in class and they see a practical application of what they’re learning. They’re helping somebody,” said Dr. Charlie Gnizak, a professor of accounting at FHSU.

Students say they get to put their education to good use and fulfill the need to help others.

“There’s a lot of smart people here that know what they’re doing. There’s a couple of them that work for actual companies that do it, and so they actually have experience doing it. This is just a way that they can give back,” said another FHSU senior, Eris Wilson.

If you want to get your taxes done for free this year, all you have to do is call up the accounting department in McCartney Hall and a student will help you fill out your taxes and get them done.

“I’ve personally benefited from it so I do think it’s a great thing,” said Madron.

To get an appointment, you can call the Fort Hays State University Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting at (785)628-5805. Keep in mind that income requirements do apply.

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