With snow gone, pot holes become a problem

Pot holes - File Photo

WICHITA, Kansas — The streets may be mostly clear but now we’re going to have pothole problems.

Now that the snow and ice is melting, drivers in Wichita have a new problem to deal with beneath all that melted snow.

“After any event where you have a freeze thaw cycle and precipitation, that’s when your pot holes tend to pop up,” said maintenance engineer Aaron Henning.

New pot holes and existing ones made worse by the snow and ice have caused a few headaches for drivers but the city has been out doing what they can to get them fixed.

“We were able to staff seven crews this morning and nine crews this afternoon so we’re trying to get out ahead of it as best we can,” said Henning.

The Wichita Whiteout has cost the city quite a bit of money already and this is another repair to add to the bill.

“We typically average about 50,000 pot holes that we repair per year,” said Henning. “Last year the total cost was approximately $400,000.”

Henning says it costs about $8.00 to fix each pot hole and while the damage is still being surveyed, last year’s February snow storm cost about $40,000 in pot hole repair.

If the holes are frustrating you, the city wants to know about it.

“We want to encourage people to call and let us know if they observe a pot hole,” said Henning.

That way, he says, drivers can appreciate the repairs.

To report pot holes or other road repairs you can call (316)268-4013 or go to the city’s website and click on the “Report an Issue” link.

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