Law office represents only men

BOCA RATON, Florida (WPTV) – Some call it sexist, others have said it is discrimination, but attorneys at Kenny Leigh and Associates in Boca Raton, Florida say their men only law firm give men a fair shake when it comes to family law and divorce.

“It’s pretty clear that the firm is focused on men’s rights only and we only represent men,” says attorney Temi Zeitenberg.

Zeitenberg heads up the law office in Boca Raton that opened in April.

“Sometimes we get a mixed reaction when we tell people. Some people think it is discriminatory for that we dislike women which is absolutely not the case,” she says.

Many are noticing the firms advertisement along Interstate 95 in Boynton Beach.

Attorneys at the firm say it is critical because they say dads often have a difficult time getting equal time with their children after a divorce.

“For them to have every other weekend with their children is hurtful. Why should someone say you can only see your child every other weekend, but mom gets to have him the rest of the time,” Nolan said.

Despite representing only men, the attorneys say they don’t necessarily have to think like a man.

“I think it is comforting for a man to know that I can see or envision what their wife or the mother of their child may be thinking. I can help them understand how we can steer their case in their favor, but not go too far,” Zeitenberg said.

The firm is expanding faster than expected since opening in April.

They say if business continues at this pace, they anticipate opening offices in Fort Lauderdale and Miami.


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