Great Bend frustrated with slow snow removal

GREAT BEND, Kansas — The big melt down has started but frustrations are still brewing over slow snow removal.

“I got stuck twice in a single day,” said Peni Lofland, a Great Bend resident.

Frustrated drivers like Lofland are being heard a lot around Great Bend from residents annoyed with the slow cleanup process.

“Well it was pretty slow on the main routes that they did do, and the piling on the middle of the street really shouldn’t happen because it makes it impossible to turn left anywhere,” said Lofland.

The city has cleaned up a lot of the main streets but they have left piles of snow in the median and they haven’t cleaned up the side streets at all and with the snow melting that snow will freeze overnight and leave the side streets really slick and frozen over.

When it comes to the side streets, the city says they don’t plow for resident benefit.

“We just don’t go and plow all the streets because if we do we’ll pile the cars in. We’ll block every drive way that’s been already plowed cause there’s no place to put the snow so you’ve got to push it to the side,” said Donald Craig, the Direcot of Public Works in Great Bend.

With a limited staff, the cleanup can also take a while.

“This was unusual and each snowstorm is different, like I say this one started at the wrong time for us. If we start in the evening where we can work when there’s not a lot of traffic around they work out a lot better,” said Craig.

Still Great Bend residents are frustrated and now just have to wait for the melting to finish the job.

“I think they have not done a very good job this year,” said Sara Penka, an Olmitz, Kansas resident. “I still had problems coming through the roads.”

The city does put plows on standy to clear side roads if there is a medical emergency and an ambulance needs to take that route.

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