Cleanup from snow comes with a price

Snow Plows (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – Last week’s winter storm cleanup is going to come with a price tag.

“We’ll spend what we have to spend to keep the roads clear,” said Ben Nelson, Wichita Public Works Department. “We don’t really take budget into consideration when we’re planning our response. We plan the response around what the needs are for keeping our streets as navigable as we can.”

Last year, the city spent nearly $800,000 for snow and ice treatment

Last February, we got 21 inches of snow costing $430,000.

That included 5,590 hours of overtime, fuel, repairing trucks and outside contractors to haul snow.

The last two storms dumped 13 inches of snow.

So far, the city estimates they’ve had around 7,000 hours of overtime.

The price tag for that so far is about $243,000 dollars.

KSN asked how much this storm would cost.

“Financially, it’ll probably stack up fairly similarly to each other,” said Nelson.

That’s because each storm brings different challenges.

“We had to haul some of it to an offsite area, so we did have some contractors help us with that last year, we didn’t have that in this storm ”

Officials say there’s lessons to learn from the storm.

“We can probably better explain what our approach is, and what we’re expecting to see, with how we’re planning to treat the streets, and do that in advance of the storm and give updates during each of these storm events.”

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