Snow piles make it dangerous for drivers

Snow Pile - KSN File Photo

WICHITA, Kansas – Piles of snow left by plows are all over.

Much of it was pushed off the street and onto the curb, but with so much of it, the snow is still in the way.

“We have had a lot of snow pile up. It’s hard to kind of see,” said Lydia Kilt, a Wichita commuter.

The public works department and private plowing companies do their best to push the snow into piles that won’t affect drivers on the roads.

In order to get all of the snow off the roads, workers pile it into smaller piles that will melt quicker. In areas that won’t interfere with traffic as much, such as parking lots, you will see very large piles.

After so much snowfall, the piles can get higher and higher.

“I just put piles here and piles there, and hopefully have Mother Nature melt them before the next snow we get,” said Korla Popjoy, Star Snow Removal.

Popjoy does his best to get the snow into manageable piles that doesn’t block the view for drivers.

“I try to stay in the lane that’s driven most, in the center, when I can instead of getting on the edge because that is hard,” said Kilt.

But what do you do if a pile of snow blocks your view and ends up at an intersection or at the entrance to a busy road.

“If someone observes that, we would ask them to call as soon as possible, 268-4013, so that we can respond to that issue,” said Aaron Henning with the Wichita Public Works Department.

When the piles are too large for any one area, the city will move the snow if necessary.

Something, they’ve already done a few times this year.

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