Haysville looks to spur new home construction

HAYSVILLE, Kansas — Haysville is the latest community hoping to use tax breaks to build its population. The city council recently approved a program called “Build Haysville” as city leaders hope to lure people looking to build new homes. The tax break incentive has become a highly competitive effort among cities trying to build the tax base.

Haysville is certainly not the first community in our area to try this tactic. But it is the latest and possibly most lucrative deal to date.

Haysville economic Director James Oltman has been on the job about six months. The Build Haysville initiative is his first major undertaking.

“It’s for any lot in the city limits the overall goal is to grow the city, growing the population base also means that we can attract new businesses and be able to offer some better quality of life things,” Oltman said.

It’s a 10 year program that can save homeowners up to $12,000 thousand dollars per year. During the first year qualified buyers will get a 100% rebate on the city’s portion of their property taxes. The rebate decreases to 40% by years 8 through 10.

Don Batson says he wishes the incentive was around when he built his home here four years ago.

“That’s the way is always is for me, a day late and a dollar short,” Batson said.

Batson says only two other homes were built in this subdivision since his was finished in 2010. But he’s optimistic the new tax breaks might change that.

“Of all the areas around here this is probably one of the better ones for a family wanting to start up and build from there,” Batson said.

Wichita is the largest city to launch a similar program in our area. Wichita’s incentive program began in 2012 and was capped at 1,000 homes. The tax credits for that program are set to expire in 2017.

Oltman says this program will put Haysville on a level playing field with cities offering similar incentives.

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