Doctors and cancer survivors react to mammogram study

Mammogram Study - KSN File Photo

A new study is questioning mammograms and whether they provide life-saving results.

The study found that mammograms, while often given to help detect breast cancer may not be as effective as many think.

Despite that, some doctors are skeptical and survivors say the discouraging sentiment shouldn’t keep women away.

Nicki Janne is a breast cancer survivor and has taken her quest to raise awareness to all corners of Kansas. She travels around the state in a pink firetruck hoping to encourage women to get tested.

“I attribute that mammogram to saving my life actually,” said Janne.

That’s why she is concerned about a new study that questions the benefits of mammograms.

The study by Canadian researchers profiled nearly 90,000 women over 25 years.

It found the screening didn’t save lives and nearly a quarter of the time led to false alarms.

Still, doctors from the American Cancer Society are adamant screening does save lives and women should keep it up.

“This is one page in a very large book on breast cancer screening so I don’t think this one study should be a game changer in any way,” said Dr. Otis Brawley from the Cleveland Clinic.

Other doctors are calling the study flawed but for survivors like Nicki Janne, she’ll keep driving home the message: Mammograms can save.

“For all the women that are afraid or don’t want to know please you do. You really want to know because you need to catch it early,” said Janne.

Doctors do say that mammograms aren’t perfect but they are one tool that can detect a problem and that is why it’s always best to talk with your doctor about what is right for you.

The American Cancer Society has asked a group of experts to review the latest studies, this one included, and plan to issue new guidelines later this year. Experts do not expect any dramatic changes in recommendations.

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