Auto experts recommend maintenance after winter storm

WICHITA, Kansas – The last thing any driver wants is to be sidelined by car repairs.

“It can get expensive, no doubt,” Mark Cole, a technician at Auto Smart in west Wichita, said.

But the winter weather has Cole and others ready for more people needing maintenance, or worse, a pricey fix for their car troubles.

“Keep the cars clean, after all of this, keep your brakes in good shape, tires in good shape, wiper blades, things like that,” he said. “It can make all the difference in the world in adverse conditions.”

The most common repairs are wheel realignments and replacing corroded parts from all the salt and sand on the roads.

“Exhaust systems will a lot of times rust out, you will see certain front-end components that will rust and corrode and then eventually break,” Cole said.

Local car washes recommend getting your car washed sooner rather than later.

Drivers “have never seen so much sand and salt,” Duane Steven, the owner at Joe’s Car Wash on Seneca, said. “It will just break it apart, and you car will fall apart eventually. It will eat up the metal.”

Car washes are starting to see longer lines from drivers wanting a clean ride that will limit damage from dirty roads.

“And the key is to always go to a touchless car wash, because any brushes or cloth that touches the car will scratch the car, which is sand and salt right now,” Steven said.

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