Vocal opposition to proof-of-citizenship voting rule

WICHITA, Kansas – Secretary of State Kris Kobach is in court for a crucial hearing on his quest to force federal election officials to require proof-of-citizenship in order to vote.

The case is drawing nationwide concern from voters right groups including the Kansas People’s Action League right here in Wichita.

Kobach has filed a lawsuit against the US Election Assistance Commission which has rejected his request for the documentation.

Kobach claims the EAC can not make decision for the state.

The agency argues his proposal would keep thousands of eligible voters from going to the polls.

Just before the hearing, several protesters stood outside the courthouse in agreeance with the EAC.

“It’s a shame that we are still fighting the fights that we thought were won long ago, and we must now reclaim those victories in 2014. Voter restrictions work for none of us. In fact, they directly work against the hard fought victories sought out by pioneers suspending the civil rights of thousand eligible voters creating a papers please burden for everyone working to exercise their legal rights,” added Djuan Wash, Kansas People’s Action member.

The judge says the final decision will be based on who gets to decide what is necessary in determining voter qualifications.


Kansas Voter I.D. Law

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