Spearville school asked to remove cross

Photo Courtesy: USD381.org

DODGE CITY, Kansas  — A group wants a western Kansas school to remove a cross from the top of its building.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State says the cross on Spearville Elementary School violates the First Amendment. The group wrote Superintendent Daryl Stegman and Principal Marvin Hartzler in November in response to a complaint from a resident.

The USD 381 Board of Education reached an informal consensus Monday that it wouldn’t take any action on the cross until a lawsuit is filed.

“Right now, the board’s stance is we’re going to leave the cross there until we see if there is any further litigation against the school,” said Daryl Stegman, superintendent.

The superintendent says the community strongly supports keeping its tradition intact.

The group requested a reply from the school district within 30 days and sent another letter Jan. 9. The school district has chosen not to respond to the group.

Spearville, a town of about 775 residents, is northeast of Dodge City.


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