Maize weighing options on how students are placed in schools

WICHITA, Kansas – School leaders in Maize are weighing their options regarding a possible shakeup in how students are placed at different schools.

“It has been preferenced since we have been here. It is something that is very ingrained in the community. It is something we come to expect. Until recently, preference was generally met. It is a new experience and challenge,” said Theresa Schultz, parent.

About 40 parents and volunteers presented six options on how schools in Maize get students in the future.

They are weighing the pros and cons of each.

“I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves on that before we get to discuss as board. There are some good options and a combination of a few,” said Amber Casement, Maize School Board President.

As it stands now, the district randomly assigns students to elementary schools, but it allows parents a say where they prefer their kids go to middle and high school.

“Having a preference system means a guarantee. We have evolved a system, and it is going better, but there can always be improvements.  There is always a pain in growth, so I hope we can work through it in the future,” added Casement.

The plan could offer a number of different things.

It include preferences at the elementary level, drawing boundaries and some sort of feeder program.

Parents say it won’t be an easy one.

“There is no perfect option.  There is no clear path.  It is not an easy job for the school board,” said Schultz.

The Maize school district will study the options at a meeting later this month.

They’re also looking into a bond issue that could impact how the district handles enrollment.

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