Cessna to end Skycatcher production

Cessna (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas– Cessna is not talking about any job losses at this point.

KSN called Cessna several times, but the only response we got was “no comment.”

“It was suppose to be Cessna’s move into the light sport aircraft arena,” said Rob Mark, commercial pilot, flight instructor, and publisher of the award-winning aviation industry blog Jetwhine.com

Robert Mark knows a thing or two about the Skycatcher.

“I did have a chance to fly it a few years down in Wichita,” said Mark. “It was a nice airplane, a bit bare bones, but that’s okay.”

Cessna 162 Skycatcher is a side by side two seat aircraft marketed for flight training and personal use.

The aviation giant rolled out the plane back in 2009 and ever since it’s been a bumpy ride.

“My guess is that for the size of the airplane it was the price point that really took the wind out of sales,” said Mark.

The Skycatcher was designed in the U.S., but built in China. It was then brought back to Independence, Kansas for final assembly.

Analysts say any affects on jobs would be felt in Independence if at all.

According to General Aviation Manufacturers Association Cessna didn’t sell any Skycatchers last year and it is not longer listed on the company’s website.

“I don’t think their margins were that high anyway,” said Mark. “It probably was one of the reasons they decided to end production.”

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